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   New for Summer Stitching!

My goodness it’s been a while since I last updated the website - sometimes life just gets in the way of my best intentions! Since my last update a lot has happened. We moved to smaller digs (you knew that right?) – size wise it’s a lot better for two people and a (spoiled rotten) cat. The new place had been sitting empty for a long time and needed a LOT of love – can we all say (in unison please) “the 90’s were great but it’s time to update!” So the past 8 months I’ve felt like a boy scout den mother to troops of workmen as they pounded, drilled & jackhammered until they beat the ol’ house into submission. There were days when only my evening stitching time kept me sane! This Wednesday I could finally say “WE’RE DONE!” Done with the kitchen, done with 3 bathrooms, done with the bar and patio. DONE!! What a lovely word! DONE! I can actually get up and drink a cup of coffee - in my jammies - with no plumber, electrician or tile guy smirking. (Check Facebook to see the before and after shots – WOW, what a difference.)

Somehow in all that mess (and man I DO mean mess!) we released 8 new designs because I knew deep down that your fingers were itchin’ to be stitchin’. This shipment features 5 new designs from The Sweetheart Tree™ including the first two in a new series called “Sparklers”. The Sparkler Series features brand new colored Paillettes which we’ve brought in from Europe in the most luscious colors. Starting with “Sparkler in Blue” in a dusty blue and “Sparkler in Lavender” in a pale lavender (for you purple people – you know who you are!) - Spoiler alert next comes Sparklers in Red and Deep Purple. There’s also a cute hoppy bunny design, a darling Blackwork Needlebook and Fob combo and another of your favorites – a new Itty Bitty Kitty design! This time she’s under a fancy-schmancy umbrella in a spring shower.

From The Bee Cottage™ we have 3 new bee-utiful designs that are (no pun intended) “flying” out of the office to shops everywhere. There’s “Home Sweet Home” which is just TOO cute to pass up, “Bees In A Box” a super-duper, super elegant 3 dimensional hanging ornament, WAY cute!! - and “Buzzy Bees Pincushion” where you can park your needles and counting pins. I’m also working hard on more “new stuff” for later this Summer so hang in there – pretty amazing considering that I’ve been the remodeling mistress by day and stitching goddess by night wouldn’t you agree?

Shuffle off to your local shop to see the new stuff – I think you’ll like them! Until then – Happy Stitching!
Until then – Happy Stitching!

Sandie Vanosdall…
The Sweetheart Tree & The Bee Cottage

Now At Our New Address:
19221 N. Moondance Lane
Surprise, AZ 85387
Phone: 480-556-6500

The Sweetheart Tree New Releases

Sparkler in Blue

Sparkler in Lavender

Teenie Hoppy Easter

Tiny Blackwork Needlebook and Fob

Itty Bitty Kitty - April Showers Bring May Flowers

The Bee Cottage New Releases
Now that you’ve seen the new additions to The Sweetheart Tree™ designs take a minute or two to peek at the designs from our “new” little sister company - The Bee Cottage™. The Bee Cottage™ may be new to the stitchery world it is really creating quite the “buzz!” Designs from The Bee Cottage™ will all be “bee” related, presented with a slightly primitive look & with just a pinch of French flair. The will be produced with the same care & attention to detail as those from The Sweetheart Tree™ & we hope you’ll find the new designs from The Bee Cottage™ simply bee-autiful! Shown below you’ll see a sampling of the newest releases from The Bee Cottage™ and we’ll be releasing even more new cute bee designs very soon! Just click on the photos to view all the details that stitchers want to know! We’d love to hear your reaction to our new bee related designs and any ideas that you would like to see are always welcomed!

Home Sweet Home

Bees In A Box Ornament

Buzzy Bees Pin Cushion

The Sweetheart Tree™ and The Bee Cottage™
9221 N. Moondance Lane    Surprise, AZ 85387
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